"We began taking our vehicles to Callie’s Auto Repair several years ago. They perform regular maintenance, as well as handling those pesky repairs. Jon, and his staff, have never misdiagnosed a problem. Within minutes, they are able to diagnose a problem, and recommend the remedy. There has never been a case where repairs took a long time. In fact, we usually get our vehicles back that same day.

Callie’s Auto Repair prices are very reasonable, and they always stick to their estimate. They are fully computerized, so they know what has been done to our cars, and what may be needed in the future. We’re glad we discovered Callie’s Auto Repair, and we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else."

- Doug & Julie Skogsberg
Owners, Reedley Trading Post

Jim -
Moonlight Packing

"Callie’s Auto Repair has serviced and maintained Moonlight Packing’s fleet of vehicles for many years. Jon, Jennifer and their staff always provide professional, reliable and fast maintenance and repairs. Their knowledge and customer service cannot be beat and they have always been very accommodating to our
schedules and needs. Moonlight Packing Corporation is thankful to have an association with such a high quality shop."
"I have been happily taking my car service needs to Jon and Jennifer at Callie’s Auto Repair for over 6 years now. Callie’s Auto Repair treats my car as if it were their own vehicle. They are on the watch to head off problems and maintenance before I end up either on the side of the road or in a position of doing damage to the car, and they are willing to spend as much time with me as I need in order to help me understand what needs to be done and why. They know that I really want to take care of my car both for safety and economic reasons, and they help me do that with precision and excellence. I love the fact that at every oil change I can confidently trust them to check and rotate my tires, tire pressure, brakes, and fluids. There are plenty of times when they have found something on a routine oil change that saved me from a breakdown (worn belts, nails in my tires, etc.). On top of all this, they are friendly and accommodating to my schedule. They have given me rides when needed, and washed my car countless times just to let me know they appreciate my business. It is also a bonus to take my car to someone who has thorough and computerized records of what has been done on my car because I never take my car to anyone else. I feel very blessed to have had their service over the last 6 years and I look forward to many years to come." - Christa Scott

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